Wine Label Design - Print Design

Every good drop needs a Wine Label Design

After years developing your vineyard’s wine. Your wine label design should reflect the characteristics, flavour and subtleties of your wine and the vineyard from where it was concieved.

An Elegant, Traditional or Regal Design

A traditional wine label design is refined, simple and elegant.  The packaging is functional and gives all the information you might want or need about what is in the bottle, and who produced it. Coat of arms, family crests, or iconic imagery of the vineyard is often seen on these more traditional designs. Traditional labels still have their place with well-established brands, as they let their reputation and integrity speak for itself, rather than marketing. This is part of their appeal.

Something a little more off the wall.

If you are the new kid on the block or are an established winery trying to develop a new brand, how are you going to stand out, what direction will you take with your wine label design? How will you firstly catch the attention of your potential customers, and then convince them that your wine is the one they want amongst the hundreds of varieties available? To gain a point of difference in this competitive market, not only will you require a creative wine label design, you will also need a strong brand image to support your wine and it’s label.

The visual impact of a wine label and even the bottle design is a major factor in a customer’s decision-making process well before a customer has picked up and purchased your wares.

The colour, font, shape and design will all influence a person’s first opinion about your label and the wine contained within the bottle. Your wine’s particular market position, price, quality of wine, the region it is from and its variety can all be conveyed in the design of the bottle, label and surrounding marketing materials. We can help you design everything from your logo design, wine label, flyers, posters and website to convey your wine’s unique position within this overcrowded market.