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Products & Services Deserve Great Catalogue Design

People love catalogues. They browse them intently, looking for something that catches their eye, something that fills a want or a need. The better the catalogue design and the quality of its print, the more attention your products will demand.

For companies that sell a range of products or services, a great way to promote them is a catalogue design.

Neatly arranged images, headings, and well-written content comes together to create an impressive promotion of your companies products, as well as it’s image to your companies target audience. We will help you every step of the way when designing your catalogue. We will recommend We help recommend imagery, typography, and layout, best practices when it comes to content, how it should be written, and how much should be written.

Great catalogue design is cheaper than reprinting. You can’t afford a cheap catalogue design.

Catalogue printing is not cheap. In fact, it is the most expensive part of the process, which means you want to be sure the design perfect before have it printed. If you have missed anything along the way, the result can be disastrous. Don’t risk the huge expense of having your catalogue design reprinted, have your catalogue design created by professional catalogue designers that know what they are doing and will deliver a result that is sure to impress.

Put your catalogue design online

All our catalogue designs are also provided as a web safe pdf, meaning it can be easily emailed to your customers, or placed on your website for easy download, this gives you additional exposure of your catalogue design, can increase customers and therefore provide the best value for money for your catalogue design.

How much does design cost?

Unfortunately, this is like asking how long is a piece of string. It will depend on the complexity of the design, how many pages you need, and how many different page layout variations are required. Below are details on things you should consider when preparing your catalogue design. This well help you develop a well-designed catalogue as well as saving you considerable amounts of time and money.

Who is your catalogue for?

Is the catalogue for consumers or business to business? Consumer catalogue designs tend to have lots of photos, minimal content per product and are likely to have feature headers to draw readers attention to specials and sales that might be on now.

Business to business catalogue design will tend to have more details written about the business itself, and detailed product specifications and in-depth product descriptions.

Plan first, Design second

Consider what type of catalogue you require. is it a small 2-page design, or something more complex like a 24-page bound catalogue. This decision will determine how much it will cost to design and print.

What do you need inside the catalogue? Product details and images, pricing, sales terms, table of contents, index, contact information etc. How many catalogs will you need to print and how many times a year will it need to be changed and reprinted?

A good designer is better

It’s hard to find a designer that matches the style and taste you are looking for in your catalogue design. Look for the designers’ technical skill; is everything based on a neat grid, is the design tight and precise, have they shown a good understanding of typography, image placement, and layout? Designers will also charge different rates, and cheapest is not always best. A designer that charges 1/5th of the price of another may take 10x as long to produce a catalogue design of lesser quality. These are all things you should consider before approaching a designer.

Set a Schedule

Setting out a well-planned schedule will keep you on track, on time and within budget. Make sure you have all content and images before you start, this will avoid expensive changes and revisions as well as keeping the time taken to design the catalogue to a minimum.