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Southern Cross was born out of a belief that things could be done differently in veterinary medicine. We share that sentiment and strive for the same thing with our methods of design. Sam from Southern Cross Vet believed in us to deliver a website that would set his practice apart from the competition, which led to a full brand strategy and rollout of their digital and print design assets.

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Southern Cross Vet Responsive Website Design

The need for an effective website, and stand out brand strategy.

Sam and his team have always gone the extra mile for their patients, investing heavily into the latest methods and technology. No matter the species or breed, they treat every animal with care and respect. 

They want to educate owners, and provide all the information available to enable them to make the right decisions. To inform their patients, they needed a website that gave them the ability to share this information, quickly and in an a way that would get users to read the content. They wanted to regularly write articles and post videos helping owners with common concerns amongst pet owners. 

Casestudy - Southern Cross Vet Homepage Website Design
Casestudy - Southern Cross Vet Pet Surgery Website Design
Casestudy - Southern Cross Vet Surgery Website Design
Southern Cross Vet Responsive Icon

Each page treated with care, every image, icon and word of copy has a purpose.

Each major section and sub page of the website is designed to make it easy for users to digest content. Making the most relevant content championed throughout each page were are able to help users find whats important.

Creating a website that is easy to read and navigated, with plenty of helpful information about their procedures and common concerns of pet owners, proves that Southern Cross Vet is both knowledgable and able to explain their options in a clear and approachable fashion. Providing the team with training to add their own content regularly gives them a way of continually improving and engaging their new and current client base. A comprehensive newsletter template was created to be able to send targeted emails to owners with specific breeds of pet so that the minimal; communications sent had only the information those clients would want to read. This has increased engagement dramatically.

A strong brand, and consistent message at every touchpoint, on and offline.

Print still plays an important roll in brands today, it just has to be done right. It’s no longer about printing of thousands of brochures, its about improving the customer experience with printed items supporting the products and services on offer.

Providing each clinic with a suit of print designs, with strong, clear message, beautiful imagery on quality stock it shows that the Clinic is dedicated to making everything just right for their clients. The print items designed included Information flyers for surgery options, health conditions and procedures and even packaging for medication. Business cards for each vet and gift cards for patients. Posters and banners for the clinic, and merchandise for promotions including pet bandanas, bottled water, dog leashes,  magnets and stickers.

Southern Cross Vet Responsive Gift Cards
Southern Cross Vet Responsive Rollup Banners

An engaging outcome that continues to bear fruit year on year, and a lifelong relationship created.

By investing in the time taken to create a strong brand strategy, visual identity and online presence with their website and social media, Sam and the team at Southern Cross Vet have become one of the premier vet clinics in Sydney, and are now relied upon by not only thousands of clients but many media outlets, such as radio and television. They are often the first port of call for any media relating to pet care, veterinary advice or initiatives across Sydney and Australia relating to pets.

Southern Cross Vet Responsive Business Cards
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