DinodeWhere no code means business.

Dinode is a vibrant Australian technology company solving complex problems with Enterprise Software. Their team built Dinode xMS so Enterprise can build their applications without traditional code. They needed a brand that appealed to an enterprise market looking for complex software solutions, they needed a company that understood them enough to create that brand.

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Starting with the metaphor, ending with a solid brand strategy & visual identity.

The three points of the Dinode icon represents aptly enough, three things to them. The three major partners in the business, the makeup of them, their customers and their customers customers, and finally the concept of model, view, controller – which is meaningful in the industry they work in.

From this base, a number of concepts were drawn up and thrown about before landing on this super simple design. Nothing fancy, but plenty of meaning. A colour palette that stands out from the crowd and an unassuming font which is clear and easy to read at any size, from any distance. A dark base is used wherever possible, following the ever popular “dark mode” trend used in most high profile software at present.

The website follows suit, presenting minimal fuss, limited content that gets straight to the point and a dark theme thats easy on the eyes and scales to all devices seamlessly.

Whilst not used on a daily basis, print was an important part of this brand.

Being a startup, Dinode was going to have to schmooze with some of the biggest players in town. In order to make an impression, every touchpoint needed to be well presented, and walk the talk.

This meant creating a full suite of stationery, with the hero being business cards that didn’t just look at home with enterprise grade software providers, it made them green with envy. Super thick stock, coloured edges and uncoated stock that you couldn’t help but want to rub between your fingers when it’s handed to you. 

This premium feeling didn’t end with the business cards.

Quality letterhead templates, invoices, quote documents and presentations were created utilising the premium visual identity.

This means that at every interaction with Dinode, you are met with a clean, well presented and consistent brand that instils confidence with all those who come in contact with it. Customers will always feel they have made the right choice, because wether consiously or not, people feel that if you pay attention to the little things, you must have paid attention to the big things too. Much like Van Halen’s infamous rider for brown m&m’s to be removed from bowls of the candy back stage.

The cherry on the epic sundae that is the visual identity for Dinode.

A presentation deck can make or break any pitch, especially with enterprise grade proposals. Dinode needed the mother of all powerpoints to present their game changing software to some seriously high level clientele. With over 120 different layouts, and a completely custom made master template, they are able to quickly and easily create a world class deck that would make even the most uninterested customer stand up and take note.

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